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Swachata Abhiyan Started on 2nd October 2014.
ICAR foundation day celebrated on 16 July, 2014.
IRC meeting successfully held from 11-12 June, 2014.
44th Annual AICRPS Group meeting successfully held at Birsa Agri. Univ., Ranchi from 25-27 May, 2014.
SOYCON-International Soybean Research Conference was successfully organized from 22-24 Feb 2014.
DSR celebrated foundation day on 11th December 2013.
DSR organized Hindi Pakhwara from 2-13 Sep, 2013.
16th Research Advisory Committee meeting held on 9 April, 2013.
DSR got Rajarishi Tandon Award (First) for 2011-12.

            M a n d a t e

  • Collection, evaluation and characterization of genetic resources of soybean. 
  • Basic, strategic and applied research to increase the productivity and oil content. 
  • Research on quality of oil and oilseed cake.
  • Socio-economic research for assessing the sustainability of the technologies.
  • Transfer of technology.  
  • Coordination of multilocation trials to develop varieties and technologies of national and regional importance through All India Coordinated Research.

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