Staff Profile

Senior Scientists  
Er. D.V. Singh
Education Qualification M.Tech (Farm Machinery & Power)
Designation Senior Scientist
Phone 0731-2437922(O)
Area of Research Interest Development of tillage and sowing machinery. Tractor P.T.O. operated rotary weeding machine; Design development of FIRBs Seed Drill, BBF seed drill, conservation tillage seed drill. Threshers for mechanical damage control of seeds. FYM sprearing trailer seed planter.
Dr. M.B. Ratnaparkhe
Education Qualification M.Sc.(Biotechnology), Phd (Biochemistry)
Designation Senior Scientist (Biotechnology)
Phone 08989616095(Mob.)
Area of Research Interest Comparative genomics, Bioinformatics, Molecular evolution, Genome mapping, Molecular breeding, Gene duplication, Polyploidy, Functional genomics, Molecular diagnostics, Retroelements, Disease resistance, Oil quality, Food allergy, Abiotic stress.
Dr. G.K. Satpute
Education Qualification Phd, PDF (CIB, CSIC, Madrid)
Designation Senior Scientist (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
Phone 09425079866(Mob.)
Area of Research Interest Plant Signaling, growth and abiotic stress.
Dr. Purushottam Sharma
Education Qualification Phd (Agricultural Economics)
Designation Senior Scientist (Agricultural Economics)
Phone 08357045047(Mob.)
Area of Research Interest Agricultural Marketing, Commodity Future Trade, Socio-economic Research, Impact Assessment, Water Management